Monday, November 11, 2013

Monkey Theme Baby Gift

Hand painted gifts for a new baby

What you need:
Wood picture frame (Michael's craft store)
Wood square (Michael's craft store)
Hot glue

I got some info from the new parents about the theme they were choosing for the baby's room.  Then I drew what I wanted on the wood and then painted them to match their theme. 

On the hanging sign I used hot glue to tack the twine. 

I gave the couple the hanging sign for the baby shower. 

I made the picture frame to match and held on to it till the baby was born. 

After he was born.....

I filled the frame with his first picture and painted in all his birth information.  I brought it to the hospital when I went to meet the new baby boy :) 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pink Elephant 1st Birthday Party Theme. DIY

Pink Elephant 1st Birthday Party Theme


Here are pictures of all the decoration I made for my daughters first birthday party. I got a lot of my ideas from pintrest, but it was so easy to recreate them! 

Birthday signs were made from card stock paper, ribbon and a glue stick. 

This sign was made with the paper doilies that are sold in the baking isle at Michaels craft store. 

Tissue pom pom... I found a tutorial online. So easy! I hung them with fishing wire. 

All around the house I put tissue paper flowers in different pots. This elephant watering can was found at the goodwill. 

I also put jars of peanuts out... Elephants... Peanuts... Get it LOL 

I made the cake topper, but the cake was made at a vegan bakery in my town. I made the topper out of the Crayola Magic sculpting clay. 

We did a candy bar as the favor.  A huge hit! 

These were the bags I made for people to put their candy in. Each one had a picture of my daughter on it and some puffy paint to bling it up a bit. 

Above are 2 birthday hat options.  One is the the one I made for my daughter the other is a hat I made for a friends daughter that had the same theme.  

This theme was so easy and so cute. 
If you have any questions on how I made anything please do not hesitate to ask. 

Happy Planning :) 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bow Frames

Need a place to keep all your little girl's bows in order and make sure they don't get ruined? 


Here are a bunch of examples of bow frames I have made. 

I will go through each one and tell you how I made them. 

So easy and so practical. 

I got this frame from the Christmas Tree Shop.  It came with a really bad picture in it.  I just took out all the guts, spray painted it green and hot glued all the ribbon for the bows and little loops of ribbon on the bottom for the headbands. 

This frame came from Michael's craft store. It was already pink.  I just took out the glass and backing and hot glued in the ribbons and the one on top to hang it. 

This frame was from a garage sale.  I used this frame to display the bows I made at my friends accessory booth.  This one is the same as the others.  Take out the really bad picture and the glass and hot glue on the ribbons after you spray pain the frame. 

This was a baby shower gift for a friend of mine.  I bought these frames from a guy on etsy that redoes antique frames.  I love his work, but as I was writing this blog I noticed he has no more frames on etsy. BOO 

I took 3 different kinds of ribbon to make these. 
One to hang the frames a really thin one for the smaller frames and a pattern ribbon to break it up. 
I hot glued it all together.

This one is was a little harder.  This one was also a baby shower gift.  I asked the mom to be about the baby's room decorations. 

Espresso wood frame I got on Amazon
I bought a sheet to match her crib set off of Etsy. 
She told me that her accent color was pink so I got the pink ribbon 
and she said she wanted a girl/fancy room so I blinged it out a bit. 

I didn't need to do anything to the frame I just took out the guts. I reused the cardboard and put some batting on it and then the matching sheet to make it puff up a bit. 

I hot glued all the ribbon on and then hand stitched it in a couple spots to make it look puckered.  On the stitch I hot glued the bling heart.

You can check out more of my work at 

We make bows, headbands, bow frames, and birthday hats. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Baby Einstein First Birthday Party Theme

My cousin chose Baby Einstein for her sons 1st birthday party.  I helped her with some decorations. 

Highchair decoration

What you need:
Multi color stock paper
Black sharpie
Glue stick
Puffy paint 
Multi color ribbon with and without print

Everything should be in the primary colors. 

What you need to do:
  1. Cut circles 5 large and 3 little yellow ones for the feet. 
  2. Cut antenna
  3. Cut ribbon
  4. Cut a little yellow tail
  5. Use the glue gun and glue stick to assemble the sign
  6. Use the sharpie to write "I am 1"
  7. Use the sharpie and puffy paint to draw on the face. 

I made 4 of these so she could hang them around the party. 

It is made out of a foamy paper that I found at Michael's craft store. All glued together with hot glue. 

We made this together to show pictures of him every month. 

Made from the same foam paper.  Glued to a wreath wring.  

If you want this theme I hope you like cutting circles .LOL 

We also put ribbon on it to match the highchair sign. 

1st birthday hat.

Made from card stock paper and pipe cleaners. 

The hats are my favorite part. 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alien abduction DIY costume.

Here is how we made our Alien Abduction costumes. 

We wore ours to a alien festival in Pinebush, NY

What you need:
Tomato cage (Home Depot)
Hollow large Easter eggs (Michael's craft store)
Silver spray paint
Hot glue gun 
Pipe cleaners
pom poms
Styrofoam ring (Michaels craft store)
wood burning tool 
Duct tape 

File down the ring so the egg will fit in it then round off the edges so it looks more ship like. 


Hot glue the ring to the egg and hot glue a piece of rope to fill in the gap between the egg and the foam ring 

Use a wood burning tool to cut the door for the alien to sit in. 

Make alien out of pipe cleaners you will hot glue him in place after you spray paint the eggs. 

You will need to cut off the top part of the tomato cage.

Aliens pipe cleaned, tomato cages cut and eggs ready for spray paint. 

Spray paint them all silver

Spray paint the tomato cages yellow.  We used glitter too.

Glue in pom poms and aliens 

Make a antenna with pipe cleaner and pom pom 

Hot glue this in too 

We attached it to our bodies with suspenders and duct tape. 

We put the suspenders under our clothes so it didn't look like we had them on. 

I attached my daughters to her stroller and dressed her like a cow ;) 

We turned a lot of heads that day!

Breakfast At Tiffany's themed photo shoot for a 2 year old

For my daughter's 2nd birthday party we did a tea party theme, so for the invitation I wanted to do a Breakfast at Tiffany's themed photo shoot.  

I did all the props and styling and my friend took the pictures in our back yard and around our town. 

This is the pic I chose as her birthday party invite. 

What you need:
Cute tea pot set
Teapot chalk board
Table clothe
Children's table 
black ribbon
black sunglasses
Dollar store fake roses
maryjane shoes 
black leotard
different kind of fake flower

We took all the pictures in black and white to make sure it looked good right from the gate. What was nice about taking the pictures in black and white was non of the colors of the props had to match 

I think everything I did is pretty self explanatory, but if you have any questions on how I made anything please comment. 

Thursday, September 26, 2013

2 Year Old Birthday Tea Party Theme

Below is a bunch of stuff I made for my 2 year old's birthday party. 

Tea Party Theme

Above is the cupcake tower topper.  

What I did:
Tea pot from the thrift store
Spray painted flat black
 Painted a 2 on it and put puffy paint polka dots 
 Hot glued the flower and ribbon to match the colors of the party 

Here is the cupcake tower. 

What I did:
Bought white cake bases from Michaels craft store and spray painted them flat black. 
Got a dollar store glass bowl, spray painted it flat black,  and hot glued it to the cake bases to create the different levels. 
Bought cupcakes and cake balls and then put flowers on toothpicks and stuck them in the cupcakes

Dum dum lollipop decoration. 

What I did:
Bought a flower pot
Spray painted it black 
Put a orange ribbon on it
Styrofoam ball stuffed with dum-dum lollipops 
Took 4 bags of lollipops to make it. 

Tea bar:

What I did:
Teapot wood pre cut from Michaels Craft Store. 
Spray painted it with chalkboard paint.  4 coats
Wrote T Bar on it. (my daughters name is Taylor) You can put Tea
Little boxes to hold tea bags. Michaels Craft store. 
Spray paint the little boxes flat black 

Personalized bubble wand gift. 

One of the favors for the party is a personalized bubble wand. 

What I did:
Thrift shop tea pot spray painted black holds them. 
The tags on the bubble wands is foam with a white paint for the letters.  I wanted them to look like mini chalk boards. Added the ribbons that match the colors of the party. 

More spray painted teapots with accents of the color of the party on them. 

The smallest teapot is holding the crayons for the coloring activity. 

What I did:
I used construction paper that matches the party and glued on the birthday cake for the kids to color them. 

Make a wand station. 

What I did:
Bought wands that match the party from the dollar store. 
Bought a bunch of stickers and rhinestones that are self adhesive. 
The kids loved sitting at the little table and sticking stuff on the wands. 

A bunch of frames spray painted to match the party. 

The top picture is of my daughters art work. 

Just random decorations around the house. 

Tea bag sugar cookies. 

I am no bakers... I just used a sugar cookie box to bake these. 

Watermelon teapot. 

I found instructions on how to do this online. 
I added blueberries later in the day, but forgot to get a new pic. 

Made her party hat out of scrap booking paper, ribbon and hot glue. 

#2 for the front door

What I did:
Cut out the shape from styrofoam 
Stuck the flowers in and put a dab of hot glue to make it stay. 
Hung with ribbon 

Pin the tea cup on the tea pot. 

What I did:
Painted this on a large brown paper bag. 
Cups are made out of foam and stuck on with reusable glue dots. 

I hope this give you lots of ideas for a great tea party. :)