Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bow Frames

Need a place to keep all your little girl's bows in order and make sure they don't get ruined? 


Here are a bunch of examples of bow frames I have made. 

I will go through each one and tell you how I made them. 

So easy and so practical. 

I got this frame from the Christmas Tree Shop.  It came with a really bad picture in it.  I just took out all the guts, spray painted it green and hot glued all the ribbon for the bows and little loops of ribbon on the bottom for the headbands. 

This frame came from Michael's craft store. It was already pink.  I just took out the glass and backing and hot glued in the ribbons and the one on top to hang it. 

This frame was from a garage sale.  I used this frame to display the bows I made at my friends accessory booth.  This one is the same as the others.  Take out the really bad picture and the glass and hot glue on the ribbons after you spray pain the frame. 

This was a baby shower gift for a friend of mine.  I bought these frames from a guy on etsy that redoes antique frames.  I love his work, but as I was writing this blog I noticed he has no more frames on etsy. BOO 

I took 3 different kinds of ribbon to make these. 
One to hang the frames a really thin one for the smaller frames and a pattern ribbon to break it up. 
I hot glued it all together.

This one is was a little harder.  This one was also a baby shower gift.  I asked the mom to be about the baby's room decorations. 

Espresso wood frame I got on Amazon
I bought a sheet to match her crib set off of Etsy. 
She told me that her accent color was pink so I got the pink ribbon 
and she said she wanted a girl/fancy room so I blinged it out a bit. 

I didn't need to do anything to the frame I just took out the guts. I reused the cardboard and put some batting on it and then the matching sheet to make it puff up a bit. 

I hot glued all the ribbon on and then hand stitched it in a couple spots to make it look puckered.  On the stitch I hot glued the bling heart.

You can check out more of my work at 

We make bows, headbands, bow frames, and birthday hats. 

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