Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Alien abduction DIY costume.

Here is how we made our Alien Abduction costumes. 

We wore ours to a alien festival in Pinebush, NY

What you need:
Tomato cage (Home Depot)
Hollow large Easter eggs (Michael's craft store)
Silver spray paint
Hot glue gun 
Pipe cleaners
pom poms
Styrofoam ring (Michaels craft store)
wood burning tool 
Duct tape 

File down the ring so the egg will fit in it then round off the edges so it looks more ship like. 


Hot glue the ring to the egg and hot glue a piece of rope to fill in the gap between the egg and the foam ring 

Use a wood burning tool to cut the door for the alien to sit in. 

Make alien out of pipe cleaners you will hot glue him in place after you spray paint the eggs. 

You will need to cut off the top part of the tomato cage.

Aliens pipe cleaned, tomato cages cut and eggs ready for spray paint. 

Spray paint them all silver

Spray paint the tomato cages yellow.  We used glitter too.

Glue in pom poms and aliens 

Make a antenna with pipe cleaner and pom pom 

Hot glue this in too 

We attached it to our bodies with suspenders and duct tape. 

We put the suspenders under our clothes so it didn't look like we had them on. 

I attached my daughters to her stroller and dressed her like a cow ;) 

We turned a lot of heads that day!

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