Thursday, September 19, 2013

Baby's Bundle O' Stuff... Baby shower gift.

Baby's Bundle o' Stuff! 

What you need:
Newborn diapers
Receiving blankets
Newborn socks
Wash clothes
Straight pins
Anything else you want to tuck in there.

What you need to do:
  1. Roll up newborn diapers and secure them with a push pin. 
  2. Take a newborn sock and roll it down to make their hats
  3. Swaddle the diaper with the washcloths. Secure with pin.
  4. Draw little eyes and eyebrows on the exposed part of the diaper. 
  5. Put the rest of the unrolled diapers in the bottom of the basket to fill it up
  6. Put the receiving blankets on top of them to make it look like a crib. 
  7. Arrange the little bundles of joy to look cute. 
  8. Lastly put a tag on the basket to explain what is in the basket. 

Happy and useful! :) 

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