Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Painted Pumpkin Clown

What you need:
White plastic pumpkin (Michaels Craft Store)
Elmer's Painters Pens (Michaels Craft Store)
Crayola Molding clay (Michaels Craft Store) In Red
Orange fake cobwebs (Michaels Craft Store)
Hot glue gun
Staple gun
Hard Hair spray
Big bowl
White Puffy Paint

What I did:
  1. Pencil on the face that you want to paint on your pumpkin.  I chose a clown... A creepy one ;)
  2. Use the paint pens to color it in.  I only had to do 2 coats for perfect coverage. 
  3. Use a big bowl to put the pumpkin in to keep it from rolling around. 
  4. Mold the red nose out of the Crayola molding clay.  It dries on it's own over night. 
  5. Let the paint and the nose dry over night 
  6. Glue on the nose with a hot glue gun 

7.  Use white puffy paint to make the center of the eyes. 
8.  Let the puffy paint dry 
9.  Use the orange fake cobwebs for hair.  Staple gun it on and pull on it to give it a cool shape.

10. Use a strong hold hairspray to keep the shape.  

11.  Scare all the neighbors!! *Evil Laugh* 

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